Andrew and Ladda at Rainbow Beach

 Latitia and Kenny-  from "Belgium with Love" getting married at Mudlo Rocks, Rainbow Beach. Queensland.

Overseas Couple's Requirements


Overseas couples are required to lodge with their Celebrant a Notice of Intended to Marry Form (form13) at least one calendar month before the intended wedding day and within 18 months of the intended wedding day.

If living overseas, then your Notice of Intended to Marry form may be signed and witnessed by a notary public and then posted to and received by your Celebrant one calendar month before your intended wedding day.

 If one of the intended marrying couple is here in Australia, then that person may lodge with their Celebrant, the Notice of Intended Marriage at least one calendar month before the wedding day and the other party to the wedding may sign the NOIM form and witnessed by their Celebrant at sometime before the wedding day.

Your Celebrant must sight an official Birth Certificate or official Extract of both the intended Bride and Groom. If official Birth Certificate/s or official Extract are not available than overseas passport/s is acceptable. If previously married than your Celebrant must also sight the official divorce orders or death certificate. Photo Identification must also be sighted by your Celebrant. If any documents not in english then a letter from an accredited translator must accompany the document tra

A marriage cannot take place unless your Celebrant has sighted your official Birth Certificate/s or  overseas passport or if previously married, your officiall divorced orders or death certificate before the intended wedding day. 

For further information please phone 0754 824145 or mobile 0419 655135